Thursday, January 21, 2010

The linen outfit and then PJs and a robe

What a klutz! I accidentally deleted a set of photos at Flickr (I still don't know how I did that) and they all disappeared from my blog. So I had to edit the last entry and stick them all back in there.

I would like to thank all those who have already commented on my last entry - you guys are great! I can't believe you are still lurking after all those months. And I have to say, I felt guilty for not blogging.

Rose, it is interesting that you used the word "neighbour" because I AM going to be in Florida in about a week and a half! Since my parents are at the wheel (literally), I probably won't be dropping in, but I'll think of you as I drive past DeLand! I am hoping the parental units want to spend some time on an Atlantic beach but really, anywhere is great. I also bought the Lonely Planet guide to Florida and am already making notes in it. DeLand is on page 387. :) I think I want to get further south and am still voting for the Keys.
Back to the linen: So the jacket calls for a bow in the back and while I don't think it is twee (I do love the girls over at Go Fug Yourself), I also don't think I am going to put one on this jacket. Maybe if the fabric was plain and draped a little more.
I put the collar on opposite to the instructions, so that the hand sewing of the facing would be underneath the collar, as it lay on the jacket when worn. Look at those tiny stitches! I've still got it.
This is the jacket inside-out and if you click on the photo and make it as large as possible, you can see that I have flat felled the seams. I didn't do what I often do, which is the modified flat fell, because then you would see strips of the right side of the fabric. I thought the inside of the jacket would look better if it all looked like the wrong side of the fabric, instead of with little patterned strips running all over it.
I also decided against using seam binding of any kind on the hems. Instead, I folded over the raw edge of the hem and then folded up the hem and hand sewed it in place.
Again, you'll have to make this photo larger, but I topstitched around the neck and armholes on the dress, to keep the facings in place.
It's just a plain, sheath dress but that style works on me.
Here's the little jacket. You can't see all the fabric that is in the body of it but the hem is practically a half circle. Now I just have to decide on buttons. The pattern calls for four and I am okay with that but I am wondering if I should make covered buttons in this same fabric?
Next: PJs! And a robe. My last bathrobe was a long corduroy thing that I made to wear at university in -- wait for it -- 1975! Yeowsers. Since I will be travelling with my folks, I thought I should have at the ready, a robe, because you know there is going to be at least one time where I am going to have to wander around in the night. At home, I don't even bother with PJs, never mind a robe but this isn't home. What if there was a hotel fire or something? Anyway, I wanted fabric that was light weight and yet patterned so that you couldn't see through it. I got this polyester that folds up into a small bundle so I can keep the packing light. I am going to put the shiny, soft side in and the less attractive dull side out.
Here is my robe pattern - the very one I used in 1975! It cost $1.35. I'm thinking I won't even put pockets on it to make it as small as possible when folded up.
I used this PJ pattern a couple of years ago and made shorts and the B view top for a summer bike holiday. I am going to use just the pants (shorts) in the same "leopard" print as the robe.
And I am going to use my trusty, tried-and-true Vogue tank top pattern for the PJ top. It doesn't have facings - just bias strips around the neck and armholes. My goal here is to have something I can wear to bed at night that will cover me up and yet not be restrictive or too hot (I am hoping Florida will be warm!) and the matching robe in case it is a bit cool. All of which should pack up into as small a bundle as possible.


Linda T said...

good to see you back! You are working with some lovely fabric.

marysews said...

Wave as you pass Daytona, too!

Sandy said...

Glad your back! Sometimes you just need a break. I think your travel experience with your parents will be something you treasure forever.

Chicago Sarah said...

Please don't feel bad about not blogging, just know you are cool enough that we all kept checking on you! It's so selfish, but I'm glad you're posting again because I learn so much from you. And your hand stitches...sigh...look nothing like my hand stitches. ps Good idea with the robe. It would make a fire so much worse if you had to choose between running out naked or wrapped in a motel bedspread.

patsijean said...

Good to see you out and about and sewing again. I have wondered about you, quite often actually. Hope all continues to be good with you.

The dress and jacket are lovely. That is a beautiful pattern. Is it still in print?

Anonymous said...

You're back, you'r back - hooray - (even if I am late jumping on the welcome wagon) and yes, you still have it. Nice work. OllieV

Anonymous said...

When I get to the Js in my bloglines I look for a sign of life! Happy to see your sewing creations and hearing about your dogwalking life! Good for you for going south and spending time with your parents, you certainly will not regret it!


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Your dress and jacket look wonderful.

I like your robe fabric..WOW 1975 :) and still using the same pattern, that is awesome.

Anonymous said...

So good to have you back Julia! Happy dancing for you too....but I think you should be making your robe in a lightweight wool rather than a polyester just in case there is a hotel know! LOL...

Good to see your posts again.

Rose said...

It's 8o degrees here with beautiful sunshine. The windows are open with a slight breeze coming inside. Your dress and jacket are perfect for your Florida trip. They look great - inside and out. The robe and pajamas are a good idea. You'll be prepared in style!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

It is good to see posts from you again. I know I lurked big time on your blog but I checked in every so often hoping that you would be posting again!

Enjoy your Florida trip!

america said...

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