Monday, July 23, 2007

PJs finished

I've been finished this for a while but it just takes so long to blog it sometimes. Sorry. Here is the top with the straps pinned to the front to adjust for length.
The instructions say to sew the front end of the strap to the inside of the facing but I left an opening in the seam so I could insert the strap and then sew across it.
After I figured out how long I wanted the straps to be, I stuffed them into the top at the gap in the facing seam. On the left side of this photo, I have turned the other strap/facing inside-out so you can see how the strap looks in the inside.
The shorts are just plain with an elastic/drawstring combo waistline. Unfortunately, I forgot to read the instructions and so did not leave a gap in the front seam for the drawstrings to come through. Since I had already finished all the seams with a flat fell, I wasn't about to pick them apart either. Luckily, I had not started to sew down the casing for the elastic and so...
I made two buttonholes wide enough for the drawstring! Then I sewed the casing and just threaded the drawstring and elastic through the buttonholes and presto - I was finished.


Best Hobbies said...

It is good to see some practical examples of Pjs, Pyjamas and so on.

Henry Atigogo /(Mavis Cox)

JuliaR said...

B.H., I think ALL my hobbies are practical - it's my upbringing.