Thursday, July 19, 2007


Apparently, that is the British spelling. Dictionary dot com seems to prefer "pajamas".
I have decided to put off the wool suit for a while and make some cotton PJs in anticipation of our bike trip Down East. We will be staying with friends on several nights and I wanted something I could wear as pyjamas that wouldn't weigh much (you have to travel light on a bike) and yet would be modest. (There's an old-fashioned word for you.) But a t-shirt as pyjamas can be too revealing and I wanted something opaque, in case I had to wander about the house in search of a bathroom in the middle of the night.
Luckily, I found such a fabric and as a bonus, it was totally on sale! $2 per metre.
I think it belongs to the craft fabric section but it was very light weight and I liked the colours. Plus, it has an all-over bubble finish to it, like seersucker only not in rows. The right side is on the left in this photo and the wrong side is a bit faded looking.
I had bought a pattern for pyjamas some time ago and have decided to go with it, even though it is untried. I am a little nervous that it will end up being too small, as the size I bought only went up to "medium". But I have pinned the pattern pieces on Rose and they seem to be okay.
I am making the top with the spaghetti straps but I have lengthened it by adding three inches to the bottom. And I am making shorts with a 10 inch inseam, by cutting the legs off at the appropriate spot. I like the way the top is cut on the bias for stretch. There are no buttons or zippers and only a bit of interfacing on the top facings so I ought to be done fairly quickly.


Judi said...

The material IS really pretty!
I like that pattern also. Did you purchase it recently?
Greetings from Toronto also.

JuliaR said...

Hey Toronto! I think I got this pattern about a year or at most, two years ago. So it should still be around. I'm waiting to wear the PJs on my bike holiday so afterwards, I'll blog about how they worked.