Saturday, July 07, 2007

that skirt and some other things

Where does the time go? When my husband is at home taking some holiday daze, then it goes out the window, that's where.
new skirt
I finished my flippy skirt not long after I decided to make it. I didn't keep track of time but it was only a couple of hours from start (laying the fabric on the table) to finish.
new skirt
It has all sorts of nice colours in it, from white to yellow to peach and red. I chose a plain peach t-shirt and voila! Dressed for the day.

I just finished ironing the beautiful blue wool - on both sides. That's careful dedication. I found a fluffy flaw near the end on one side, and marked it with some contrasting thread. I thought I "should" use the smoother side as the right side but I noticed that on the smooth side, you could see a vertical repeat every five inches. When I turned it over to iron the rougher side, I saw that the repeat didn't show up there. And so, because the flaw was on the smoother side, it makes me think that the manufacturer (designer) may have intended the rougher side to be the right side. In any event, I am going to lay it out only one layer thick and cut each piece out individually, just to make sure I get the correct straight of grain on each piece. You can go a little "off" when you fold the fabric in two lengthwise, even if you fold it very carefully. Since it was so expensive to begin with and since I know I'll be wearing this suit for at least 20 years, I will make a really good job of it.

In the meantime, I decided to postpone the cutting-of-the-wool by making a quick camp shirt out of some cheap rayon. On this way, I can do a short spot on buttonholes. I have discovered another fellow sewer in the Ottawa area and she posted about sewing tools, including something with which to make buttonholes. I decided to post about the carpentry tools I use, just for fun.


Adrienne said...

Very cute skirt!!! Love that fabric!

JuliaR said...

Thanks Adrienne! I bought it on a whim and because it was totally on sale. I wasn't sure about the print but it turned out so cute - I wish I had bought some more in another colour!

Kim said...

I'm eager to see the progression of the wool suit. Ironing it on both sides is definitely dedication. I hate cutting out as it takes so long. The thought of cutting things out one layer at a time makes me chuck it back in the pile. However, now that I have seen you write that I think I have a piece of fabric that I need to do the same with or I won't get the pattern to line up properly. I have started cutting it out so I can't escape the project.

JuliaR said...

Hey Kim, patience in everything! Including waiting for me to cut the wool. Argh. I can't seem to get motivated and have instead made another skirt without even blogging about it. Next, I think I will make a jean skirt and then finally, cut the wool. Stay tuned!