Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A hat

I'm rummaging around my sewing room, looking for things to make, fabric for some more bags as the last set were pretty popular. I spied the messy purple fabric I made a coat from last year and remembered I thought I could make a tam out of it. This time, I have a pattern which includes a tam but I have it in my mind that a trilby style hat would work and I have a pattern for that too.
I'm using McCall's M5773 and decide to go with view F, the blue one with the brim. Actually, I really want to make view E in the red, using the red boiled wool from that jacket I recently finished. But I figure the purple wool will serve as a template and I can pitch it if I don't like it.
It's very simple and I use some cream coloured lining scraps I have for the inside.
I decide to interface one side of the brim, even though the pattern doesn't cal for it. This wool is very loose and I figure I can't go too wrong with interfacing.
I get the crown of the hat put together and try it on and it's HUGE. I think it's the fabric, more than the pattern, so I take up one half of the crown seams by another 5/8 inch and it seems to work better. I sew the interfaced brim to the outside of the hat.
I sew the lining to the other brim. Then I sew the hats together at the edge of the brims, leaving a small opening to turn them right side out. The hat sheds mightily each time I hold it.
After I turn the hat, I sew around the brim, first to seal the open edges together, then to add rigidity to it, with a line of stitching about 1/4 inch from the edge stitching and one around where the lining joins the brim, to keep the lining at bay. It's not brilliant but it's okay and gives me hope that the red one will look better. And now of course, I have "the ensemble", with the coat and the hat. Hmm. At any rate, it is covering up my bald chemo head and that's the main thing. You can just see that I am wearing a blue skull cap under the hat. When I have hair again, it will fit over the the hair too.


Marty said...

Nifty hat! I am on the search for some cute hat patterns for my sister-in-law who starts chemo Monday. We leave on a cruise in March, right after her last treatment. I'm going to make her a snazzy glitzy hat to wear with her formal dress on "Captain's Table" night. Should be fun! Just finishing a prayer shawl for her to remind her I'm praying for her.

julia said...

Okay - you've got a fabulous hat to match your fabulous jacket. I'm not sure Madonna would be happy with your effort to "strike a pose", but it sure made me smile!

JuliaR said...

Marty, that's so nice that you would make hats for your SIL. I have found the simple stretchy skull cap the easiest for wearing everywhere, although it doesn't win in the looks department.

Julia, I don't actually like the hat and coat that much - I think it is the fabric. I think I may end up giving them away, especially if I am more successful with the second hat incarnation. Did you know Madonna was born in the same year as I was? We have so much in common!

julia said...

Julia - you must be vintage 1958. So am I! And (at the risk one-upping you) Madonna and I were born on the same day, along with Angela Bassett!

Fabulous 50's all of us!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Love the fabric and the hat Julia. I made a jacket with a very similar fabric:
(For Marty:I made some hats for my sister last year,but she ended up having radiation treatment and didn't need hats! I used McCall's 4116.)

Marty said...

Thanks for the hat pattern hint. We're on our way to town and I will pick it up. Now I just have to find out what color her formal dress will be so I can surprise her. I'm afraid that chemo and radiation are both in the cards for Irene. Lots of prayers are appreciated.

JuliaR said...

julia, yes indeed, vintage 1958! Here is a link for other 1958 celebs:

AFS, thanks for the tips for my readers!

Marty, I suppose you could go with a neutral or a metallic if you don't know the colour of the dress. Or make something in a neutral as a template and if it works, she'll have two! Sending good vibes your way.

Carmen said...

Mignon chapeau!

JuliaR said...

Merci! BTW YOUR hat is wonderful, so warm and cosy. Never taking it off! Well, until May, we'll say.

50sgal said...

That is darling. I have some patterns for felt hats in my 50's mags, and living in 1955, it would help to have a few I made myself. You have inspired me to give it a go. Thanks and nice blog.

Melissa said...

Hey, Nice Hat! I think everyone needs to go back to wearing hats all the time anyway. Brava!

Anonymous said...

I am sprinkling fairy dust on you!
For faith hope and love.
Take care

JuliaR said...

50sgal, Melissa and Dale, thanks for the comments and the compliments!