Thursday, January 01, 2009

Some little bags

Happy New Year!

When I went up to my sewing room, I played around with some fabrics and patterns and put some things away and then thought, I'd like to make a couple of little bags to give away.
small bags
At Christmas when she was here, Mum admired the bag I made as a pencil case for work so when I discovered I had a fair bit left of that upholstery fabric, I thought I would make one for her.
small bags
I got out my trusty bag pattern (Simplicity 9949) and examined what bits of fabric I had.
small bags
I had enough of the upholstery fabric for four bags and found some rayon that I had made a shirt out of that would be suitable for lining.
small bags
I also used the rayon to make seam binding.
small bags
It was a good plan when I put the seam binding on the one larger bag. I pinned one side over the stitching line and then sewed from the other, unpinned side.
small bags
The idea was that because I had pinned it on the underside, I would catch that side of the seam binding when I sewed it from the other side. It worked all around the zipper but not on the ends so I had to sew it twice - the second time from the pinned side that had not caught in the first stitching.
small bags
Consequently, the seam binding is a little rippley but it'll never come off!
small bags
I'll put the smaller "pencil case" bag inside the larger one when I give it.
small bags
And here's what they look like separately. That larger bag can hold a surprising amount of stuff. I just find it fun to make these things and then give them away. Mum will get one set and I think I know who will get the second set.

My third chemo is tomorrow so I may feel a little too crappy to sew for a few days, if it's like last time. I'm hoping it won't be but I am prepared to spend the rest of the day in bed.


Sew Passionista said...

Oh those bags are precious and the receivers will be lucky to get them.
Good luck with your chemo. I'll say a little prayer for you tonight.

gwensews said...

Bags are great gifts. Lucky are those who receive them.

You have much to look forward to after the chemo. Wishing you a wonderful New Year.


Anonymous said...

I'd also like to add my best wishes for a strong, healthy 2009 for you.

Carmen said...

Oh! I am the extremely lucky recipient of a set of those lovely bags!! First of all, they are GREEN, my absolute favorite colour. And then...I was making an inventory of my knitting storage and thinking that I needed a little bag for small things like stitch counters, etc, and a larger one for small projects like socks. And today, Julia gifted me with this lovely set. Thank you so much!! They have already been put to use!!!! Merci, merci!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Great looking bags and really great gift ideas.
Hope all is well after your treatment!

JuliaR said...

SP (Diana) thanks again. Prayers are welcome always!

Thanks Gwen and XUP, and a happy new year to you too.

You're welcome Carmen, nothing's too good for my driver!

AFS, all is relatively well. Some nausea as usual but back at the gym in any event.

JanS said...

I love the photo details. Thanks for the how to.