Thursday, March 01, 2007

Still life with dummy

So I'm back home again and I'd like to thank all those who made comments on my last entry - I'll get there soon! In the meantime, I wanted to get my dummy set up. She still hasn't spoken to me with her name. I keep thinking it "should" be an alliteration with Dummy but maybe she should be a variation of Julia - I'm Jule to the family. On the other hand, I really liked the name Sarah when I was little. It'll happen.

I cranked open those dials and then dressed her in this underwire bra that I bought for something dressy. I hate underwires - they don't lie on my ribcage at all comfortably. Maybe I have a weird shaped chest, I don't know (and don't care) but I don't like them. So I thought it would be good for my dummy - she can't complain. It was not filled out, shall we say, so I stuffed the bra with some small facecloths I have and it works.
D with bra
Then I put on a shirt I made last summer and sure enough, it didn't fit the dummy either. I have to lose 5 pounds (or more) or give this shirt away - never been worn!
D with too tight shirt
So next, I put a tank on her that I'd made. It fits very closely but that's because it's made of this rayon stuff that accordions up when you wash it. It's perfect for an undergarment because of the way it fits and how it shows where the armholes can't be lower than (ooh, is that bad grammar or what?).
D with tank
Plus of course, it matches the dummy nicely. Next I put the grey jacket on her - it needs a final press but it'll look good when I finally wear it to class.
grey jacket
Now for the real reason I wanted to get the dummy. Inspired by A Dress A Day, I have these two patterns that have never been used.
dress patterns
I wanted to make sure that I was closer than usual with the fitting, before I lashed out and actually sewed one of these dresses.
pattern pinned
The pinning isn't very accurate but I'm familiar enough with patterns to see that I shouldn't have to do much altering if I make the bodice in a 12 and the skirt (waist and hips) in a 14, especially if I wait until I have the main pieces sewed together before I see how deep to make the dart in the bodice back.
pattern pinned
I wanted to make view D (sleeveless) of the sun dress in New Look 6587 for the little holiday we have planned for the end of March. I have some unattractive cotton that I will make this pattern in first, using the dummy, and then some nicer rayon that will be the more finished model. And then for the "Duro"!
Mum is now making real progress, with her feeding tube removed, eating some real food and they're going to fix the tracheostomy so she can finally talk. I think her progress now will feel exponential compared to the past 5 weeks and I'm really looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julia,
Love your 'getting to know her' adventures with your dummy. Some years ago I went the other route and had my entire body cast with the help of DH, then filled it out with foam. I still have my dummy like yours but she is now probably closer to my DD's size.

I see you have a Duro lined up...I have one lined up too. I do like the look of your McCalls Duro though, will check it out too.

Wishing your mom a complete and speedy recovery.


Anonymous said...

Julia, I'm thrilled to hear that your mom is getting better and better! And Dummette is soooo cute!! Have fun with her!!

JuliaR said...

Hey Heather. DressADay has had issues with how deep the neckline goes on this Duro pattern and she has also blogged about alterations so I wanted to have a dummy to help me. It's not actually a style I think I may use a lot but I wanted to make at least one "Duro" because of all the raving about it.
I have also heard of making body doubles using duct tape! It's on the internet somewhere I think.

Thanks Anon, I'm already having fun! (see next post...)

Sandy said...

I got a dummy a few years ago for Christmas and I love it! It makes fitting sooo much easier. My only problem with it (entirely my fault) is I have since lost the directions to adjust for height. She's a little tall right now which makes all of my re-enactor skirts too long. You think I would remember this and adjust accordingly, but no. I hem, then hem again.

julia said...

Congratulations! I love having a dummy - mine is Goodwill find under a duct tape double under a bunch of batting. Her name is Rose. I haven't done so much fitting on her - just hemming etc. because I've only recently padded her (to catch up with me!) I'll be interested to see how you use yours with fitting challenges. Have fun!