Saturday, February 24, 2007


[I wrote this yesterday...] Da da, it's my birthday! Da dum, it's my birthday! And my Mum is getting BETter! It's been a tough 6 weeks but things look like they are finally moving in the right direction.
So about my birthday - I've only been thinking about getting a dressmaker's dummy for about 30 years and today I got one.
my new dummy
My Dad is here for the day and since he has a car, we drove to the Fabricland where I wondered if I'd have to order a dummy. But no! Not only did they have lots in stock, they were 40% off just until tomorrow for members only. Woot!
my new dummy
It's not fancy but I am really looking forward to finally using a dummy for more than just fitting. I might even, eventually, sign up for that pattern making class at the college where I teach. It's part of a larger program but they might let me take just the one course.
my new dummy
She's a nice pink colour and she's as small as this size gets - unfortunately, when I get upstairs to the sanctity of my sewing room, I'm going to have to crank open those dials almost all the way for this size. However, I have been going to the gym - it's one of the main things that has helped during Mum's problem - and I have actually lost an entire pound. Yes, I did say "one pound". When I was 20 I weighed 25 pounds less than what I weigh today at age 49. Not horrible and I call it my "survivor fat" - if I fell off a boat tomorrow, I'd be able to live for a while on it - but I'd still like to be a little lankier than I am now. Never mind. Que sera, sera and all that.
my new dummy


BBRUG said...

Happy birthday! What an excellent present for yourself. And hooray for your mom!

About that survivor fat: I'd say twenty-five pounds over twenty-nine years is not bad at all. I should know, having gained somewhere between thirty and forty pounds in the last fourteen years. And for the last two weeks I've resumed going to the gym (after a three-month hiatus) and begun calorie-counting, just to see where it gets me, and lo, I've lost one lousy pound. I put the weight on relatively quickly, therefore I think it should drop off just as easily. Fair's fair, right?

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday! What a great birthday gift.

Sherry said...

Happy Birthday. She is so pretty in hot pink. You must name her!
I got out mine today to take some photo's of aprons to put up on my Etsy. I decided to name her "Midge" for "Barbies" friend. I don't think they even make poor Midge anymore.
Well have a Happy Day!

ML said...

A very Happy Birthday to you. Love the present!

Anonymous said...

A Happy belated Birthday to you Julia...congrats on your dummy...nice sewing present. I have been going through a list of professional dressmaking books for my birthday this from the Rundschau Verlag (Publishers of the Rundschau magazine)

Glad to read your mom is on the road to full recovery.

I have been trying to get some sewing done but sometimes things just won't go as planned....but its moving along slowly.

I say Yeeessss, try and get into the Patternmaking course, it is quite freeing!!!! a wonderful experience.


JuliaR said...

BBRUG, I agree about the fair but unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work that way - unless you are a man! My husband can lose weight just by quitting drinking. Not fair!

Thanks Sharon and ML!

Sherry, I actually had a Midge when I was little! I still think I may start her name with a "D" but I'm working on it.

Heather, good to hear from you. Thinking more and more about that course and will let you know when I decide.

Linda said...

I am so behind on my blog reading that I decided to stop in today. One I am glad to read that your mom is better and two that you recently had a birthday. Good for you to get a dressform and on sale to boot!

Happy belated birthday. Good to see the dressform is being put to great use.