Sunday, September 03, 2006

Thinking about the next thing

I had a dream last night about sewing - imagine that. :) I had several UFOs (unfinished objects) and was sorting them out to decide what to do with them. One project consisted of two unfinished jackets, each in black and white pieces. In the dream, I was trying to make sense of what I had been trying to accomplish. It looked as though I had cut out two identical jackets - one in black and the other in white and then I had randomly mixed up the pieces so one jacket had a white sleeve and a black sleeve and two black lapels and they just looked awful. The other project consisted of two kinds of pink fabric that I had started to sew into shorts, pants, a skirt, some tops - way too much pink. Anyway, it reinforced why I have "My Rule" about only working on one project at a time.

Currently, I am sewing a wedding present but not blogging about it because I like presents to be a surprise. But I am almost finished so I can start to think of my next project while wrapping this one up. I wanted to make Peter another pair of shorts after altering the pattern for the first pair of shorts I made that were too voluminous. Now however, it seems to be Fall all of a sudden so shorts won't get worn until next year. Ditto for another rayon cycling shirt for him. I recently bought a very cute pattern for a summer dress for me - sleeveless, buttons up the front - but now that Summer is gone, I may put that on hold too. So I think I'm going to work on some skirts that are knee length or slightly longer. I have some plain navy acrylic fabric that will make a serviceable skirt in the 6 or 8 gore pattern I have used before. Since I am teaching 4 mornings each week until Christmas, I will certainly get some wear out of skirts that I can layer with slips and leotards and knee-high boots as it gets colder.

However, I also bought some corduroy at the last big FabricLand sale and it is calling to me. It is beautiful, baby wale, mauve corduroy. I thought I would make a long skirt and another of the jean jackets of which I have about 12 already (I am obsessed I know but the jacket is so wearable and comfortable and I like it, darnit). For the skirt, I thought I would make another of the same pattern I have used quite a few times before - a straight skirt with a back vent that hits about mid calf. I am only 5 foot 2 so long skirts can overwhelm me but this one seems to work because it is simple and goes straight down. Also, if I made a wider skirt in corduroy, I think it would be too much - too big looking, too much bulky fabric (even baby wale corduroy gets bulky). I have one of these straight skirts already in a dark green corduroy and I wear it a lot in the cooler weather.

About the colour - whether you pronounce it properly ("mowve") or the other way ("mahve"), it is an old-fashioned word and connotes an old lady image. However when you describe it as a pale purple tending toward the blue instead of the pink, the colour of an evening sky perhaps, then it sounds much more artistic. When I decide on the next project, we'll have photos!


patsijean said...

While it is cooler here in Tennessee, (80's in the day, 60's at night) I know from experience it will warm up again as it is ONLY Sept 3.
I too am only 5'2" and consider just below the knee the longest skirt I can wear or I look like an ottoman. In a sewing spree, I made a few skirts a bit longer than that because I thought they would be stylish, and now I will have to shorten them all. Longer skirts just do not look good on most women.

JuliaR said...

Patsijean, our daytime high temperature for the day today was only 58F! Once I finish this skirt (if that's what I end up making this time), you'll have to let me know what you think of the length on me when I post a photo.

Heather L said...

I really like your one project rule - I need to make one for myself! I found you through the SewChic blog. :)

JuliaR said...

Heather L, welcome to my blog! If I didn't have the one project rule, I'd be overwhelmed with bits and pieces and collapse from the mental weight of it. I know because that's why I made the rule!

Sandy said...

I attempt to "keep to the code" but occasionally that other fabric calls you and you have to start sewing. I'm also a good one for going to sewing sessions at someone's house, start a smaller project (less stuff to tote) and then pack it up and forget about it. I do confess to having a fabric stash, however, it is a small one. My other code not to buy more fabric until I've finished something. It helps.

I love your jackets Julia. I can see why you make them. They're very stylish and versatile.

JuliaR said...

See Sandy, we all fall down somewhere. I can't resist buying more fabric, even if I don't have a project in mind. My fabric stash is huge. Tsk.

And now, I'm making that jacket again in fabric I just bought - not some of my old stuff!