Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I’m Done! And so excited to be sewing something ELSE that I am going to rush through the end of this project.

I found some pink buttons in my box of cast-off buttons that seemed to work really well with this odd coloured fabric. I always tell my husband that I know the provenance of everything I own and these buttons were no exception. I had a shirt dress in high school with these buttons and when I got rid of it, I saved the buttons. That practically makes them antiques - they are now over 31 years old.

I have sewed the buttonholes on the machine and I have just placed the buttons on the fabric to show them. I decided to make vertical buttonholes because it goes better with the vertical stripe, as well as this shirt thingy is more of an over-shirt or jacket even.
With these pants, I decided to make a two inch hand sewed hem, rather than my usual narrow machine-sewed hem. I figured they would hang better that way. I pinned up the hem very roughly on the outside and saw that there was at least three inches of it, so I cut off an inch with my pinking shears.
pant hem
Once I cut an inch off the pant legs, I pinned them up again properly on the inside and tried them on with shoes. I must say, for all that they are ugly, they sure are comfortable. Last evening while watching tv, I sewed up the hem by hand and sewed on the buttons. I ironed the pieces and hung them away. Now I can sew something cute!
pant hem cut

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