Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Project finished

And I’m finished!
Okay, let’s back-track a little. The jacket was coming together. The next step was to tack down the facing around the neck. I chose to machine sew the facing to the shoulder seams, as I had done with the skirt facings. In the first picture, I am starting to sew the facing from the right side of the jacket (to make sure the stitching is “in the ditch”).
jacket facing
When I was done, I pulled the jacket out from under the presser foot to get a better look. You might note that there is a zipper foot on the machine but that is just because I couldn’t be bothered to change it for this little job.
jacket facing2
Next, I ironed up the bottom hem on the jacket. I chose to make a narrow, folded hem as I did on the skirt. Then I sewed it down using the zipper foot.
jacket hem
Finally, it was time to put the pockets on. First I measured where they should go, based on the marks on the pattern. I hadn’t marked the fabric, mostly because I knew the chalk would wear off so I just measured and then placed the pockets. I use lots of pins to make sure they lie flat for sewing. And I generally put the pins in so the points face out, toward the line of stitching so that I can pull them back a little and sew right by them.
pocket pinned
In the next photo, I am sewing up to the top of the pocket. You can see how I will be able to ease that pin back and out of the way of the needle. I just use a single line of topstitching to attach the pockets because they are more decorative than functional.
Second to last, I decide where the buttons will go, make the buttonholes and sew on the buttons.
And finally, I try on the jacket to see how much I should take up the sleeves at the bottom. I also made a narrow, folded hem on the sleeves. I had to cut off 3 cm and then I folded up 2 cm, ironed it and stitched the “cuff”.
jacket cuff
Here are the two pieces, hanging up!
jacket and skirt


Anonymous said...

Your photographs are very good and show off your work quite well, except on the finished garment. Perhaps you could have someone photograph you in the finished garment (you don't have to show your head or face). Thank you for taking the time to photograph your sewing.

JuliaR said...

Thanks Anonymous! I know - that last photo isn't very good at all. I was planning to wear the outfit Thursday and thought I would get my husband to take a photo of it then, with me in it. But I wanted to finish this project so I could get on to the next, so I put up that photo. Unfortunately, my next project is being made with black cotton! I fear what those pictures will look like. But it will be a quick project so then I'll be on to the next one after that!

Thanks for dropping by.