Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Reversible jacket and other things

Other things first: My Dad wrote a book some years ago, about his time in Korea in the early 1950s. It is well written, nice clear prose, and interesting. What was especially poignant was the fact that when he was in Korea, he was only 24 years old. It is interesting to think back to when I was 24, and compare our life experiences. He has set up a website now, and will be posting reminiscences in the form of a blog. He can use some traffic, so here is the URL:
If any of my readers have a military connexion, you might be interested in the book. It also has U.S. military connexions, as he got some training at Fort Lewis in Washington (chapter 4). That chapter contains an intriguing anecdote about the recycled barrack box he was assigned and which now rests in my garage. In any event, I wanted to give old Dad a plug here, until he figures out how to increase his blog traffic. Go check it out!

Back to sewing! Here is the two-sided denim, all ironed and laid out. I have far more than I need for a jacket and I don't know what to do with the yard or so I have left over. Not a skirt - it is too quilted and bulky for that.
I am modifying this pattern.
I used the original to good effect on this jacket that I wore all over France in 2008. But since I wanted to make the jacket truly reversible, I needed to make some changes.
I wanted to have a one piece sleeve with no cuff. I also needed the front to be plain so I could turn it inside out. I pinned the two front pieces together so they wouldn't have a seam (or a pocket). I might still add a pocket later, but not until I try wearing it.
I thought I would use two colours of thread on top and bobbin but it turns out I can use just the pink successfully, due to all the quilting stitching.
Another reason for a one piece sleeve is to make the flat felling of the armscye easier and neater. Once that is done, I can sew up the entire underarm and side seam in one go and finish it neatly also.
I have decided to limit the amount of the other fabric that shows on each side. I could make the band around the front contrasty and have cuffs that turn up and such like but I think it is busy enough without that. I have the single sided selvages that I can use when I hem the bottom at the back or I could let the blue show more on the pink side. I believe I will wear the blue side out more of the time than the pink side but I don't know for sure. I have decided it is a lot more casual fabric that I remembered it being. Anyway, by modifying the pattern it is going together very quickly (fewer pieces) so I'm not investing tons of time in it.


Wendy TC said...

Re: your Dad's blog: I know your Remembrance Day isn't until November, but when it draws near, he can contact some local newspapers, and they may do a story on him and his book and blog. More immediately, perhaps he can contact some local middle or high schools to find out how to participate in their curriculum on the Korean War. Kudos to him for serving.

Sandy said...

As to the extra fabric - perhaps a tote bag?

I love your red dress!

Su said...

I'm really interested in seeing how this one turns out. Such pretty (and constrasting) colours.

Carmen said...

Cuffs! And I really love the red dress...you said nothing about it last night...tsk tsk!

JuliaR said...

Thanks for the ideas Wendy.

Sandy, I had not thought of a tote bag. I will ponder upon it.

Thanks Su!

Sorry Carmen! I forgot about the red dress last night. But you can see it here in the blog, so that will have to be good enough for now. I agree with you about making contrasting turn-up cuffs on this jacket. I will make a sort of seam binding for the raw edge. But since there is actually SUN at the moment, I am going out back to enjoy an espresso and do the sudoku!

Nathalia said...

this red dress is amazing! xox

Anna Lin said...

I think they all have classic styles!

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