Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Working on the blue coat (still)

Why does my life seem so busy and I am not even "gainfully employed outside the home"?
blue coat
I have been working back on the blue coat since I finished the dresses but I still have not managed to finish it yet.
blue coat
I finished putting the lining pieces together and then attached the lining to the coat.
blue coat
Then I machine sewed seam tape to the hem and hand sewed the hem up. I am doing it this way because the lining hem is not going to be attached to the coat hem - it will float separately because of the pleat in the middle of the back. I have to press the heck out of it now and finish the lining hem. Next will be some top stitching and then the buttons and I'll be done.


Mary Beth said...

Your coat is going to be finished in no time! Then what? some summer sewing with lovely well behaved cotton and linen, perhaps? And a long iced tea :)

gwensews said...

Your coat will be beautiful. I know what you mean about time. I'm not employed either, but time is always scarce. It's just the way we live now--lots of things to do, places to go.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've jumped over from Chantelle's blog about her eyes and your comment. Scintillating scotoma is the light flashes you described and are a precursor to migraines, except not everyone gets the migraine after. Chantelle's Dad got it in his 40's and was lucky enough not to have the migraines after. Just for your info.
btw, I love your sewing blog!
Chantelle's Mom

Creative Cotton said...

Loved the prom dress and the matching purses. Now waiting to see the blue coat.