Monday, June 08, 2009

Matching purses

At last! I can allow myself to think about something ELSE.
I spent all day Sunday (off and on) sewing up the two matching purses. So cute!
matching purses
It is almost like making baby clothes, because they are so small. But there is still a fair bit of construction. I used Butterick 6371, the middle silver purse on the right.
matching purses
It calls for buckram on the bottom oval piece but I used two layers of the hair canvas (because I had it) on both the lining and the purse oval pieces. So there are six layers on the bottom, which is still one less than in the bodice of that dress!
matching purses
I cleverly discovered that my pressing ham is the perfect size and shap for pressing out the side seams on the purse.
matching purses
The bottom looks complicated with all the pleats and easing the sides onto the oval, but it is surprisingly easy.
matching purses
There is a layer of quilt batting between the outside and the lining but it is just held in around the edges or the seams - there is no actual quilting going on.
matching purses
Once you have the inside and outside done and the handles attached to the outside, you put the lining inside and sew it around the top edge.
matching purses
The oval piece on the lining is supposed to be made out of lining fabric but I used the outside fabric for a fun, finishing touch.
matching purses
And there they are!


Salinda said...

So cute! Will they be used for prom also?

gwensews said...

Cute! I LOVE making handbags! This is the perfect finish for those beautiful gowns.

Deb said...

These are really sweet I bet the girls will love them. You have worked so hard for the girls, making their dresses and matching bags, I do hope they appreciate it. I also hope you will share some pics of the girls ready for their big night out? I would love to see what the dresses look like on.

JuliaR said...

Salinda, yes, you have to go back several posts to see that they match the last two dresses I made.

Thanks Gwen!

Deb, those dresses are both for the same lucky girl - my niece! She is going to two proms and thought she could use the shorter dress for other things like the weddings she is going to also, this summer.

Chicago Sarah said...

Lovely! Those dresses are just...amazing. Truly. Thanks for sharing the steps!

Laura James said...

Your niece is so lucky to have a talented and generous aunt like you. I too had an aunt who sewedfor me, and it still means a lot many years later. I was especially touched when she started sewing for my daughter. I hope you will someday have the chance to sew for your own great nieces or nephews. Bless you!

JuliaR said...

Thanks Sarah and Laura! Hmm, grandkids. I don't think any of us are ready for those yet!

Norah said...

God forbid no! We're still kids.

Liz's other aunt, and Julia's sister,


P.S. Like I said, Liz is one lucky person to have you in her life.

Chicago Sarah said...

(ps thanks for the sewing advice! I did prewash/dry both fabrics, I think they should be okay...but I didn't interface. She'll outgrow it soon anyway)

sukes7 said...

fabulous bags, I love making bags too. luv sue x

JuliaR said...

Thanx Norah. I agree - we are still kids too. I don't know what I want to do when I grow up.

Sarah, glad I could help! Seems like you are doing fine anyway.

Welcome to my blog Sukes!

Rose said...

Your niece is so fortunate to have you sewing for her. Those purses are so cute and perfect for the proms.

wandar-wanda said...

Hi, your work is beautiful,


niiiice! great purses and great colors. i need to get back on sewing some purses!