Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Prom dress continues

Nobody panic! That's the lining attached to the bodice!
prom dress
I wanted to be sure that the whole thing fit, as the lining is narrow in order to make the whole bubble skirt effect. I hand sewed it to the midriff with a loose running stitch so that when I do the fitting, I will be able to tell if I need to let out the back darts or not.
Next, I have to run a loose stitch through the bottom and the top of the silk outer skirt so I can gather it up when I sew it to the lining. I have decided to do that by hand so it will be looser than machine stitching and give me an easier gather. Also, my machine seems to be breaking the upper thread again and if cleaning out the bobbin case doesn't work, it will be easier to work with a hand sewn gathering stitch.


Trudy Callan said...

Love your site.


gwensews said...

I don't know how I missed your post yesterday, but want to say so glad you are almost finished with your radiation. Riding your bike to your treatments even? Wow. That's wonderful.

Your coat will be lovely--just wait and see! And that dress is divine!

Anonymous said...

Julia, your blue coat is absolutely FABULOUS!!! Loving it.

I've just finished working with silk charmeuse and shantung, pure fabulousness.........I found the charmeuse a bit hard to pin, I pinned and basted in the seam allowance. The charmeuse was used as a collar, waist piece and bodice lining on a dress I made for my friend's dd. I ironed tricot interfacing on approx 1m of it before cutting on the bias. It turned out beautiful. It was my first time working with charmeuse.

I am getting excited about your latest project.

Thinking of you!

Carmen said...

Upper thread breaking...hum.... Do we need to take your machine for a "cleaning"???

Is the thread old?

JuliaR said...

Thanks for all your comments!

No, the thread was bought for this project. I think it was the same problem I had before - the upper thread gets caught in a tight spot in the complicated bobbin case. When we took the machine in before, I saw that the technician actually shaved a spot off the metal, where the thread would get stuck. When I took the bobbin apart this time, it was full of lint so I think that was causing the problem. Fingers crossed!

Sew Passionista said...

Julia, you are such an inspiration. Radiation, 17K bike rides and prom dresses!Amazing! God Bless you.