Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The next prom dress

My niece came over to get the dress and she tried it on and I think you'll agree - so cute! Her, not the dress. Well okay, the dress too but she really is. She's still not sure what to do with her hair - all up, part up, curled?
prom dresses
The engineering (or lack of it) allows the dress to sag a little on the side without the shoulder to hold it up. She and her mum are going to figure out what to do about it. I lean toward a small safety pin attaching it under that arm to the bra. We wondered if reefing it tighter would work but there wasn't much room for that maneuver and all that would do would make it tighter. In any event, it's not a deal breaker and I think the pin would work fine.
prom dresses
Now I am onto the next dress. The skirt pieces are large and single layered so I will cut out the smaller bodice pieces first. The straight of grain arrow shows that the skirt is cut on the bias and I am not sure how I am going to work this out on my cutting table. I may have to work on the floor for these pieces.
prom dresses
For all the layers in the bodice, only the midriff is lined. The upper bodice is faced with the the fabric itself. More as it happens!


sharon said...

I forgot, did you put boning in the side seams. Could you tack a piece in now. That should help.

JuliaR said...

The directions did not call for it and I wanted to follow them to the letter. I am not sure it would help - I think a pin in the bra would be better. But her mum sews too and they can figure it out.

xup said...

She could just stuff her bra on that side. Even if it doesn't hold the side up any better, people won't notice

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

You did a fantastic job. (They)look beautiful!

djStoreRoom said...


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Thank you!


Anonymous said...


I just love reading your blog. I love to sew and am very good at it, but your blog inspires me. Well done, you did such a nice job with your niece's dress.


Anonymous said...

Your blog looks nice. I love sewing.
I think I'll add some pictures to my blog too. Visit me at:

JuliaR said...

xup, I think someone would notice one boob was bigger than the other! :)

Interesting idea dj.

Thanks all for comments!

Sewing chickie said...

i love to sew!

Stephen said...

You seem to be the same kind of sewer that I am. I feel more comfortable following the directions. I live in a rural area and have a hard time finding apparel fabric. Do you have a good online source where I can buy NICE fabric. I don't want to wear what everyone else is wearing and I want to make it my own look. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Stephen said...

Hi again! I had to laugh out loud when I saw my last posting. It says "Stephen said". Well - He is my husband and the name on my account. I am Brenda. But Stephen DOES like my sewing. HA!!!

JuliaR said...

Hey "Stephen"! There ARE some men out there who sew, so I wasn't shocked.

I have never bought fabric online. I would check out Erin's blog for more intel on that subject because I believe she does.

Welcome to my blog! Such as it presently is...

Sylvia said...
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Sylvia said...

My mom has made all of my homecoming and prom dresses and they are very prized possessions of mine. I hope my daughter will ask me to sew hers as well! It's so special!
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