Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blue Spring Coat

You guys rise to the occasion! The consensus is overwhelmingly in favour of a coat.
Blue Spring coat
I am going to use Butterick B5145 and one of the longer views like C or D (pink or blue), with the regular collar. I will cut out the tabs for the back and sleeves, even if I'm not sure if I will use them yet.
Blue Spring coat
I am not sure how long a skirt I can get out of the fabric I have but I'll try for about knee-length. I am also not sure if I will put more than the three buttons down the front part of the bodice. In a wind, the skirt will fly open if it is not buttoned down. When it's 20 below, that is a big deal. But since this is only a Spring coat, we're not talking 20 velow.
Blue Spring coat
I was hoping to make the cutting easier by folding the fabric in half but when I did that, the selvages didn't match up, even though I carefully folded the fabric along a particular white line. This means I will have to cut each piece out of a single layer of fabric. sigh.


Chicago Sarah said...

Duh. I can't believe I just figured this out- you mean it's NOT okay to just trim up the selvages? No wonder I have such trouble with layout!

gwensews said...

I like this pattern. In fact, I have this pattern. I'll be looking foward to seeing your coat made up. Good luck!

Marty said...

Coats and bags-I am such a nut about both. A girl can never have too many!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

I love the style of this jacket. It will look beautiful made up in this fabric.

Suzy said...

Very nice pattern! Should look lovely ;-)

joannely said...

I'd make a muslin just for the bodice to make sure there is enough room to wear over other clothes and the empire line doesn't hit too high or too low.

JuliaR said...

Sarah, it was when I started cutting things out one layer at a time that I realized many of my earlier problems had been related to the fabric not being square. It is more work to cut out one piece at a time but worth it if it matters how the garment hangs.

Joannely, I confess to never having made a muslin. This fabric was so cheap and I've had it for long enough that I will just make the coat up and if it doesn't fit, I will send it off to the Sally Ann!

Everyone else, many thanks for your encouragement!

Karen said...

I've recently started enjoying your posts, Julia. Thank you for sharing your sewing adventures and your life. Because of that, I've nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award.

You can pick it up at:


Blessings to you!

Melissa said...

Hey congrats on the Creative Blogger Award! I just bought some really great cotton jaquard for a spring coat! I'm so glad you're doing this so I can sort of "sew along"! I've really gotten the sewing bug lately and have bought tons of fabric! Please post lots of how to's!