Monday, December 01, 2008

Green jean jacket continued

green jean jacket
It wasn't until I had the fronts all assembled that I realized I had not made allowances for the fasteners! I had not decided before this, whether I wanted to go with buttons or snaps. I like buttons but they can be awkward on thicker material like corduroy and the buttonholes can be a pain. However, now that the pocket flaps are sewed in place, I am never going to get buttonholes made on those things and it has been decided for me that I am going to go with nice black snaps.
green jean jacket
As for putting on the facing, at least I thought that one out in advance. Part of the finishing is to understitch the facing to the neck seam allowances. But if you sew the facing to the fronts of the jacket before you do the understitching, it makes it awkward to get to the ends of the collar. So I did the understitching before I sewed down the fronts.
I also realize that I should probably never wear this jacket on television, as it would make viewers eyes go all buggy. Good thing I'm not ever on television.


Robert J Boeckmann said...

Hi Julia, I admit... this is a trojan comment. It has nothing to do with your quite nifty green jacket you're working on there.
Here is the deal.. I'm not really a sewer.. but I like it. Last year I made my two kids each a faux fur cossak hat. They loved them to bits.. and toward the end of the season they were nasty dirty so I washed them.. well they didn't survive that too well. Now I have to make replacements. I can muddle through like I did last year.. I made up my own pattern and wha la! hats my kids loved but they were a bit misshapen and I'd like to do a better job this time. Do you have any knowledge of a cossak hat pattern out there or can you sugges t a way to proceed? I can send you a picture if you want to see the old hat(s). Thanking you in advance if you can help but I know this is a busy time of year (my wife and I are teachers too).
Sincerely, Robert

JuliaR said...

Hello Robert and welcome to my sewing blog! I think it is great that you made hats for your kids and that you want to make more! Just so you know, I am posting this reply on my own blog and on yours, to cover the bases.

I have a few hat patterns but I wasn't sure what you meant by "Cossack hats" so I went to looking it up on the internet. I love the internet! If all you mean is a tuque with a large folded up brim, then there are patterns aplenty. You only need one basic pattern and you get a lot of variety by using different fabrics. If you mean something more complicated with ear flaps and chin bands, then you will have to go looking but even that can be fun.

I started looking at but didn't see any complex hats there. However, if you go to their search page ( and put in "hats", you can browse until you might find what you want. The first one is 2743 which included a regular tuque with the fold up brim (or at least, that's what it looks like).
I saw this one fur hat at that seemed to fit the bill but the pattern referred to (McCall's 3328) is no longer made by McCall's ( go to to see more patterns).
When you go to a pattern site, check under "Accessories" for hats. For example, at Butterick (which is now owned by McCall's) this pattern shows a variety of hats not suitable for your purposes:

I also Googled "sewing patterns hats faux fur" and "sewing patterns hats faux fur Russian cossack" and got this one site where the hats are already made (,Hats-and-hair-accessories,Fur-hats/Colour-Pattern-Orange-2-35951) where they call the trapper hat a cossack hat.

Aside from Googling and buying on the internet, you can go to your local fabric store and browse through the large pattern books and get the staff to show you the actual pattern with the instructions, which may be more helpful. I have always sewed from patterns because it is like cooking from recipes - all the proportions are worked out in advance. Good luck and let me know how it goes. You should blog about the hats, especially as you have not posted anything since May!

Robert J Boeckmann said...

Wow! Thanks Julia.
I hunted around for about 15 minutes on the web last night and I must not have known where to go. I did find a cool costume makers blog / list serve sort of thing in LA.. but you had to be a member to post something. Which blog of mine did you find. I have one for my son's lego league (robots made out of lego - and put into competition) thing that I am coaching and the other is for my Dad who recently passed away. I will look into the links you provided. Thanks again for your help.

JuliaR said...

I just copied and pasted it onto your Bumble Bees blog. You had not written anything since May but I thought you might have arranged to have the comments sent to email, as I do.

Good luck in your hunt!

yusufyusuf said...

Nice blog...


Happy Place Design said...

I love your blog!

JuliaR said...

Thanks Yusuf and Happy P.D.! Nice blogs back. :)