Sunday, November 30, 2008

Green jean jacket continued

Steaming ahead (literally)! There's a powerful lot of ironing in this jacket -- all those flat felled seams and pockets and things.
green jean jacket (template)
I always haul a previously made jacket out of the closet so I can look at it, more than the instructions even. This is one I get a lot of wear out of, made of a pale lilac pinwale cord.
green jean jacket
Here are all the pieces ready to be assembled, after I have ironed on the interfacing. I decided to go with the black interfacing, to be one less colour in the palette. The interfacing occasionally shows, like when the front facings flip out in a wind or something.
green jean jacket
Here are the pieces as I've started to assemble them. I've made this jacket so many times that I can assemble it out of order (and practically from memory) so that I can make it fairly quickly, sewing a pile of pieces and then ironing them all at once.
green jean jacket
These are the two seams on one half of the front and I'm ironing them over after I've clipped one of the seam allowances, so I can make the flat fell. Onwards!


mem said...

Your jacket is great and your spirit even more so . Words are such inadeqaute things except in the hands of some great poets . I will therefore say no more other than may your Christmas be what you want to be Isnt sewing just the best thing!!!

JuliaR said...

Thank you Mem. I wish you the best for the holidays too.

Ezim said...

Dear Pro. Ringma
We miss you in the college too.
I heard you are travelling in Europe and wish you good time in your trip. I would like to buy your book if it is available for the purchase.

JuliaR said...

Hey Mansuer! It's always good to know I am missed! No I'm not travelling - I am too busy being sick from the chemo treatments. I wanted to go to Europe when I was finished in March but I think I won't be well enough for that. Maybe in the Fall! When my book comes out, I will let people know here and on Facebook and anywhere else I can think of.
Study hard!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for a positive spirit and a new year :)