Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Red wool coat

How did it get to be the last day of September?
red wool coat
One thing I don't often mention is the prep work for starting a project. I have never used this pattern before so I like to read the instructions first. Then I have to cut apart all the pattern pieces and see which ones I need to use. I double-check them with the list shown above.
red wool coat
The only garment in this pattern is the coat (some have all sorts of things like pants and skirts and things) but there are some variations. I'll be using all the big pattern pieces but maybe not all of the small ones. Once I have the pieces separated, I iron them flat.
red wool coat
I am going to make the long sleeves with 6 buttons on the front (view C) but I want to make the slash/welt pockets (views A and B), not the patch pockets. I also like the detail of the band around the sleeve but it is only on the short sleeve and the 3/4 sleeve.
red wool coat
When you look at the instructions for the sleeve band, you see it is only decorative and not functional. Interestingly, it is made from three pieces of fabric so that the seaming becomes part of the decorative design. I have been debating with myself if I want to use the print lining I got for the backing of the sleeve bands and I haven't finished that debate yet. I lean toward NOT doing it, just because I am not familiar with this pattern and there may be a good reason not to use lining fabric to back the band.
red wool coat
I have got enough fabric that I could make them both ways and see which looked better. You can see that the band gets sewn to the sleeve and the button is just for show. But I like the way it looks on the photo and in the drawings so I think I will make bands and then decide as I go along, whether I will attach them to the sleeve. They get sewn into a seam but I could still pick them out later if I don't like them.
red wool coat
Here I have laid out all the pieces and pinned them, except for the bands. I am going to use Mum's old electric scissors to cut this coat out. I keep forgetting I have electric scissors and while I may not use them for delicate stuff, they should be perfect for this sort of wool.


Carmen said...

Oh Julia, what a cool pattern! This style will suit you to a T!

toy said...

I have this pattern and red wool for it too
I will be watching your progress very clearly.

Charlene McGill said...

I like the band on the jacket, also. I think it would be a great added detail.

Sew Passionista said...

Hi Julia. I love that pattern. I'll be interested in your progress and how it looks on you. I always enjoy seeing the garments people have made on.It's more satisfying than seeing them only on a mannequin.
I have electric scissors and always forget to use them too. Think I;ll dig them out.
Happy sewing!

JuliaR said...

Thanx all! I will have to have Peter take my picture wearing the jacket after all this!

Susan said...

I have electric scissors, too. I made a big deal about finding them online and ordering and have yet to open the package. lol.

Can't wait to see the progress.

Rose said...

That jacket should look great in the red wool. Where were you when I first starting garment sewing? I would have loved the instructions you gave in this post. Well, I've found you now and save many of your posts. Your instructions and pictures are very helpful. I know that you spend some time developing them. I do appreciate it!

xup said...

it's all greek to me, but the idea of a red wool coat for fall is awesome

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Love the colour! Will be a great looking coat!

JuliaR said...

Susan, I found the electric scissors a little awkward because I was cutting through the tissue paper (first time using this pattern). They are probably better if you can cut around the paper.

Rose, thank you! Where was I? Sewing somewhere but just not blogging about it.

Thanx Xup and Ann. Red is considered a "neutral" so it looks good on everyone. I have other red pieces but not like this - that's my rationale for making it.

Camera Girl said...

I cant wait to see it finished!