Monday, October 15, 2007

Green suit continues

I have attached sleeves to both the jacket and the lining. I have added the collars too and am about to sew the lining to the jacket - big excitement! In the meantime, I needed some hand sewing to do while I watch Heroes so I added seam binding to the bottom edge of the skirt and turned it up 1 and 3/4 inches to give me a nice generous hem that stops right below the kneecap.
green wool suit details
I take up one or two threads of the weave of the fabric at a time and move forward about 1/4 inch at a time (maybe 3/8) so the stitches are firm and sturdy but invisible on the right side.
green wool suit details
Prior to this, I lined the skirt by sewing the lining to the top raw edge of the skirt, before attaching the facing. Here is the inside of the skirt, showing the lining on one side of the zipper and not on the other. I also decided to convert darts into ease (which concept I got years ago from my couture sewing book) and so the lining is eased also (i.e. ruffled a bit to fit into the skirt).


Yvonne said...

I did a search on google - sewing blog - and your blog was no. 1! I don´s sew that much clothes - never for myself, but I love to see what you are doing. Great jackets.


JuliaR said...

Thanks Yvonne - I had no idea about the Google results. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog!