Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Continuing with the green suit

It took quite a while to get ALL the pieces cut out, as there was lining and interfacing too. Then I had to iron on the interfacing and finally I was ready to start the assembly.
green wool suit
I did my usual thing which is to say I pinned together as many pieces as I could, regardless of where they were in the order of instructions. Once I had used up all my pins, I sewed all the pieces I had put together in one big assembly line, spitting them out the back of the feed dogs and running a new piece in. Then I ironed all the seams I had made and started in with more seams.
green wool suit
Because the sleeves are two-piece and there is no matching underarm seam on the sleeve to correspond with the body of the jacket, I have to make the sleeves into tubes and then fit them into the jacket. I do this with both the jacket and the lining sleeves. I also make the outer jacket and the lining jacket and then put them together around the front edge, which we'll get to later. I also zigzag stitched all down the seam allowances on the skirt because I will be pressing the seams open and not finishing them in a flat fell. The skirt is also fully lined so I don't feel the need to finish the raw edges more than that.

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