Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jacket about half done

Just a little update, as I won't get back to this until tomorrow. I am forging ahead with the regular sewing of pieces together and thought I would show the pockets. I can't believe how bad the colour reproduction turned out on this one. Yuck.
In this photo, you can see how I stitched around the pocket "bag" before attaching it to the jacket front. I do that so I can get the proper shape on the top stitching.
This photo shows the true colours and how the jacket is about half done. Unless I turn the collar up this way, you won't see the blue but I will know it is there and that makes me smile. Next step is to put the sleeves on.


Linda said...

I like seeing the progression of your jacket. I love the blue underneath the collar. This is going to look great!

JuliaR said...

Thanks Linda, I think it will be cute and I can't wait to start the blue one too.