Saturday, December 23, 2006

Coat sleeves are on

From a dusting of snow in the previous entry to Ottawa socked in by fog:
Last night we had freezing rain and the power went out at 3:30am but it was back on in about an hour. We lay awake, listening to the ice sliding off the roof. It was supposed to get up to 4C by the morning and 7C by the afternoon but by 1pm today, it was still only 3C. However, all the freezing rain has melted to it is mostly just wet out.
coat partly sewn
A day or two ago, I had got to the point where the coat was starting to look like a coat.
trimming shoulder seam
Then I put the sleeves on both the lining and the coat. I zigzag stitched around the shoulder seam and tried not to trim the coat seam too closely for fear of excessive ravelling. Only time will tell on that count, I suppose.
finishing pocket
I decided to machine sew the pocket lining to the pocket where I had turned the pocket right side out. I also sewed all the way around the pocket to make sure the lining stayed tucked behind the pocket face. They are patch pockets and now that I have the body of the coat sewn up, I can sew them in place. That'll come in the next entry.
coat with sleeves
Finally, I took a picture of the coat complete with sleeves because it is so fun when it gets to that stage. Behind the coat is the separate lining, also with sleeves sewn on. Now (after the pockets) I just have to sew the lining to the coat and presto! we're almost done!


Linda said...

Your coat is really shaping up. It looks very good!

ML said...

Nice coat! Can't wait to see it when it's completed!

JuliaR said...

Thanks Linda and ML - I seem to be on a roll now!