Friday, August 18, 2006

Tote Bags

So I finds myself two pairs of needlenose pliers and I sets to tryin' to reef that defective snap outta there... Oh wait. Sorry, I was just listening to the Halifax Comedy Festival on CBC Radio. Ahem. I tend to pick up the accents wherever I go.
Anyway, I worked at that snap for a while and realized that it wasn't going to come quietly. Since it still functioned and went together as a snap, I straightened it out as best I could and decided to leave it alone, rather than risk damaging the fabric. Live and learn.

My next project is tote bags and more bags! I'm going to a family gathering next weekend and I thought I would take some bags to give away. I have already given these totes and smaller bags to my sisters and niece and I'm not sure about my Mum. I thought I would make some for my two aunts and three cousins, especially as one cousin is hosting the gathering and it's one aunt's birthday.
bags pattern
I have used this Simplicity 9949 for quite a few totes but also some of the smaller bags. It's simple and straightforward and I really like the zipper in the top of the tote for security. Underneath the pattern envelope are a few of the fabrics I am going to use.
some fabric
Last year some time, I cut out a bunch of the small zippered bags but never finished making them. Now I plan to finish them and have a selection for family to choose from. Three of them are black pinwale corduroy so maybe some of the men will want one. Peter uses one of the small bags in denim for his bicycle tools and it keeps the securely corralled.
assembly line
In this stack, I have pinned the zippers in to the small bags. I plan to use only white or black thread unless some topstitching will really be noticeable and then I only need to change the top thread in the machine.
first bag!
I am planning to put the pieces together like an assembly line, for the most efficiency but it was too tempting and I made one little bag, just because I could!


Cindi said...

What a sweet gesture. Your family will love it!

JuliaR said...

Thanks Cindi. I have done this sort of thing a few times - make little things for gatherings where they are not expected. They've always been successful. Once was at a New Year's Eve party at a friend's house. I brought some totes, some small bags and some soft cases for glasses and they were all a big hit. I just spread them out and told people if they thought they could get some use out of them, they could take whatever suited them. And they did! With the proviso of "making use" of the object, I feel that the gifts won't go to waste and they can choose what they like, instead of having something thrust upon them.