Friday, September 30, 2011

Vests and the next project

I don't think I posted a photo of the blue wool vest I made. I hadn't decided on the buttons, the last time I posted. DSCN2771 I went with the same clear plastic button as I used on the jacket of the same fabric. I also made real welt pockets. I love wee, vest pockets! DSCN2772 Here is the newest vest (waistcoat to my English readers), made from the beautiful but thick, orange Italian wool I got from Darrell's and from which I also made a jacket (but maybe didn't blog about - I can't find an appropriate entry anyway). In spite of loving vest pockets, I didn't make them on this one because the wool is too substantial and would only cause me more grief than they are worth. DSCN2773 I used the fabulous printed lining from the pink raw silk jacket. DSCN2774 I put in a piece of elastic at the back waist so the garment would have a bit of shape. DSCN2775 Next, I have been wanting to make a fitted jacket with a peplum for some time, and I got this Vogue pattern because of the jacket. DSCN2777 I believe I am too short/small to wear the full skirt, as much as I might like it. But the jacket appeals to me. DSCN2778 I got a remnant of some plaid wool at Darrell's this summer but I may have been dreaming in technicolor to think that all the pieces of this jacket would fit onto the fabric, especially as the plaid is about 4 inches on a side! The extra fabric required for the peplum might sink using the plaid for this jacket pattern. I have to go back upstairs now to play around with it all.


Suzanne said...

wow! spot on!

Anonymous said...

Julia, I haven't been here in quite a while so I am happy to see you have been posting quite a bit. Your vests are AWESOME! When I see your immaculate work, it makes me
and as to the skirt? You can wear whatever you like. It really doesn't matter what us out here think!

Keep enjoying your studies...I am a wee bit envious. The fall leaves in Ca must make biking quite an event.

JuliaR said...

Thanks Sue!

Welcome back Heather! I actually do have some quite long skirts and love them in the winter with boots. I think a lot depends on the fabric, as well as the cut, whether it works on a 5'2" person (1.57 m). As for biking in leaves, it isn't a problem unless they form a wet carpet and then they are slippery and dangerous. But I am on side streets and bike paths most of the way to the university and I don't bike very fast so I am safe. What it is, is beautiful! The cool weather helps keep the sweat down and when it's sunny, it is glorious. I am in heaven studying philosophy and so grateful that I finally discovered I am meant to be a philosopher. A poor one to be sure, but then, I don't need much so that works out too.

gwensews said...

Terrific vests! Glad to see you sewing!

Adrienne said...

Very nice vests! I am surprised your buttonholes came out so beautifully with that type of fabric - great job!

Sigrid said...

Great vests,. Love the jacket too, looking forward to see your version.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely :OD

myladycatherine said...

Hi :-) I'm Lady Catherine :) Your Vests are perfectly suited for another fabric... I love sewing too, look at my blog :-)

Thirty Seven West said...

Wonderful job on the vests! Love the jacket pattern. Cannot wait to see how it turns out!

Susan said...

Love that wool vest with the lining!

You could wear the full skirt, short or not, you just need to make it a little less full and shorten it up. Wearing a below the knee full skirt with that jacket would be over-whelming on anyone not tall. But shorter with a little less fabric flowing would look great!

Dorothy said...

I also bought the same Vogue pattern, except I'm going to make the skirt as well. Just haven't found the right fabric yet. Your work is beautiful!!!

Tamara said...

The blue wool vest looks dashing. I also like the pattern for the fitted jacket. Even if a full skirt won't work for you it looked super cute with pants on the pattern front.

Lisa said...

Lovely work. I always felt the vest was an underrated, yet interesting project. Great post!

MuleWagonSewing said...

The silk lining is a delightful touch. Having that hidden bit of beauty gives it a couture feel!

chel wakley said...

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farragio said...

Great vests and I love the lining.

florine foulon said...

I love this vest waitress-style, so classy!

Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to reading your blog! I'm a quilter, but would love to make my own clothes!

Truman Campbell said...

I am certainly intrigued with the color and the lining is elegant!

Pats Sewing said...

I love the silk lining it really gives that wow factor. Great work.

Anonymous said...

You do beautiful work! I can't wait to see the jacket!

LaTusha said...

You did a great job on these vests. I love the inside with the silk material.

kids flip flops said...

I like the vintage look of the vest. You can see the quality of the product. I am also like the use of silk as a lining. This can help us feel more comfortable. And the jacket are looks elegant.

Renatus said...

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Laura (Love To Make) said...

Lovely! The lining on that orange vest is gorgeous.

Pam said...

I love vests but I can't seem to find them any more. Are they easy to make and have you ever made a man's vest. My husband has been looking for one as well.

JuliaR said...

Hey Pam. Yes I have made a man's vest for my husband and they are all really easy, depending on the pattern. I have been wearing this other vest I made from a more complicated pattern and prefer the way it fits, so I will be using it from now on. But they aren't very big so it's not a lot of sewing and they are quite simple. Just follow the pattern instructions, and good luck!

خياطة وتفصيل said...

It looks beautiful! thank you so much :)

Marvin From Brother DreamWeaver said...

I personally love the first vest. good choice of fabric! - Marvin

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Judith said...

Love the vests (yes, Aussies call them vests as well!!!) Off to have a peek around your blog...J

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Andrea from Blue Light LLC said...

The vests are fabulous! Good job in making those! Both vests looked neat and tailored. Good luck on your studies and new passion. Keep posting!

Iya from Kingdom Talents said...

Lovely! Good to know you are doing fine and enjoy sewing. I'm looking forward for more posts about work work! Good luck!

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