Tuesday, August 03, 2010

New project with silk?

I came down from sewing to blog about sewing and was sitting here (at the computer at 7pm) when suddenly, I thought I was going blind, it got so dark. We have some dense red cells moving through the area and there have been funnel clouds west of here. I thought I'd better post this before I lose power.
I finally finished the red rayon camp shirt. It is such a pretty colour, I am glad I have a new one of these shirts to wear.
I made the buttonholes vertically for a change. It fits loosely so there won't be any straining at the buttonholes or fear of gaping.
Now I have ironed the other piece of silk I got in California a year ago. It is a sort of Dupioni, in that it is stiff-ish with slubs in it but it is fairly thin too. I had thought I would make a dress out of it but I think it is too thin. Then I thought I would make a camp shirt, as the pattern works so well and I could tuck it into a skirt to make it look less caasual. But then I measured it and found out it is 136 cm wide and 190 cm long - almost 2 yards! I can get the shirt out of it but then I will have quite a bit left over and don't know what to do with that. Any ideas? Shirt and something, or something other than a shirt? Or maybe a long sleeved shirt!


Anonymous said...

What about a shirt dress? I think the fabric is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I'd say a shirt dress too. Why not interline completely with silk organza before the actual lining. Or, and I've done this a couple of times with thin or loosely woven fabrics, ironed on a very thin interfacing on the entire piece of fabric before cutting out. That way your fabric is stable and you don't have to fuss around interfacing facings etc. A nice thin knit interfacing would do the job well.

Love the red blouse/shirt.

Sew Passionista said...

That camp shirt is gorgeous including the colour!What about a tunic length shirt for the silk?

JuliaR said...

I am going toward a shirt and not a shirt-dress, although I do like the idea. The tunic shirt suggestion is what got me thinking about a less fitted shirt, as you will see in the next entry.

Thanks for your input!

One Second Needle said...

What a nice shirt! Thanks for the pictures!