Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Camp shirt

Steaming right along, it is a "feels like" temperature of 42C (109F) here right now. Thank my dog (even though she has been gone for five years now) that I have air conditioning! I didn't use it last week when all the ACs in the 'hood were grinding away but I am glad I have it today.

In campaign news, I will be on our local talk radio (CFRA 580 AM) this Thursday the 8th, between 3 and 4 pm EDT. You can listen to it here:
Or if you miss it, I will put up a link on my web site after, or you can go here to find the link yourself.

I dressed up to go downtown the other day, to attend an info session at city hall and on the way home, stopped at a local coffee shop to have a coffee with my husband. He has a blog too and he posted a couple of photos of me with my Britex silk shirt in action!
living room with no carpet
The weekend just past, I decided since it was supposed to not rain all weekend, I would finally get the two big area rugs out and wash them.
carpets on the lawn to be scrubbed
I do it the old fashioned way, on my hands and knees, using dishwashing soap and a brush. I now have rug burns on my knees but it was worth it. I hung them on the chain link fence to rinse them and then let them dry. It was an all day job.
Simplicity 9210
I am still resisting the purchase of new fabric and trying to use up my stash. I had a large length of this very soft, drapey rayon left over after I made a dress out of it (which is now too short to wear given my age and has gone into the Sally Ann pile) years ago and I determined that it would make a nice addition to my "camp shirt" collection. I have been using this Simplicity 9210 pattern for years, to make a loose, short sleeved shirt that I wear untucked (although I can tuck it in if I want). I call them "camp shirts" because I got the moniker from old LLBean catalogues.
camp shirts collection
These are four in my collection - I made the purple flowered one last. Yeesh! I see it was in 2007. I guess I didn't get much done in the last two years. But, we all know why. Never mind!
all my reddish thread
Since it is old, left over stash fabric, I refuse to buy new thread. I got out all my threads that were remotely reddish and I am going to use them up.
camp shirt details
Here is a close-up of the facings and loops that I sewed at the start and if you really look closely, you can see different colours of thread. I agree - who will notice!


Julia said...

Your thread collection looks like mine. I sometimes use different shades of a color in a garment. these shirts are great!

Marty said...

So glad to hear from you again! I laughed about your thread-I made a new pair of brown pants today, and I didn't want to wait til I could go to the fabric store 20 miles away. So I used a thread that was just a bit tan in hue, and I had just enough of the right shade to use for the top thread for the hem. Not the bobbin-I used the lighter brown-but just the top. And nope, nobody's going to notice!

Annie said...

"I now have rug burns on my knees but it was worth it."

Washing the carpet, huh? Stick to that story. ;D

One Second Needle said...

Great shirts! I think I like the tan one the best.

Anonymous said...

Eu amei seus trabalhos! Parabéns!

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