Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gala dress muslin creeps along

Here are the French seams.
gala dress muslin
First you have to sew the pieces together, wrong sides together, with a seam allowance of about 1/4 inch. Then you trim the raw edges down to less than 1/4 inch. Then you iron the seam and fold the pieces with the right sides together, encasing the raw edges.
gala dress muslin
Then you sew the seam again, at about 3/8 of an inch, so you get the full 5/8 seam allowance, with the right sides together, so you end up with the raw edges enclosed in the seam itself.
gala dress muslin
Here's what it looks like, finished and pressed, from the right and the wrong sides.
gala dress muslin
The bodice is gathered where it meets the midriff and from what I learned with the prom dresses, I now gather by hand. I simply sew a long, running stitch along the gather line and it is just easier to gather up than a machine sewn line.
gala dress muslin
The bodice also gathers into the yokes that form the shoulders. This is the back, which has a Vee where the yokes meet the gathered part of the bodice. I've got one of the yokes up and one down, just to show the construction a bit.
gala dress muslin
I am also noticing that I am going to have to be a lot more picky when I make the real gala dress. I put the ruler in the photo because the stitching line is supposed to be 5/8 inch (1.5 cm) from the end of this point on the yoke and from each edge and I am out of alignment. I think I will have to make accurate tailor tacks on the real dress, to ensure that the dots all line up.
gala dress muslin
This looks like a jumble of pieces (there are three) all coming together at one point.
gala dress muslin
Here is the bodice with the yokes coming together at the gathered parts from another angle. This time, I have got the yoke facings sew on as well, so now I have all sorts of pieces all converging.
gala dress muslin
I have sewn the yoke facings down by hand on the inside. This is what the bodice looks like, draping on the judy, from the back.
gala dress muslin
Here is the bodice from the front. It looks like the Vee in the front will be quite low. I am not sure if this will be too low. For this dress (muslin), should I wear it, I may have to put a triangle of fabric in the front, like a camisole - or just wear a camisole under it. I am now thinking of how I would alter the pattern to prevent this from happening when I make the real dress. I can't just hike it up at the shoulder seams because then the midriff will be too high. I want the seam line where the midriff meets the bodice to be right at the bra band line.


gwensews said...

To alter that neckline, I would put a piece of paper under the pattern, and make a dot up from the v on the CF to where you want the neckline to end. Then redraw the neckline from the dot to the shoulder seam.

JuliaR said...

Thanks for the advice Gwen! Sounds reasonable to me.

Pete Dowan said...

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XUP said...

Julia - I say, if you've got it, flaunt it. And to Peter, I say -- Hey! I'm from st. catherines, too, but you should probably find a more productive way of promoting your work. CKTB is alway open to new stuff and for sure CFBU is.

JuliaR said...

Thanx Xup! I'll see what happens when I try it on. Maybe I just need a new bra.

JuliaR said...

Pete Dowan, I will leave a longer message at My Space or wherever, but I think you should connect with organizations like Guide Dogs or Assistance Dogs. I just raised a single puppy.

andhitasiswandi said...

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Thanks for inspiring me :)

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Katheryn said...

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Jimmy Leeso said...

I like the stuff you do.

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