Friday, August 03, 2007

Bike bag template finished

Wow, that bike bag is HUGE.
handlebar bag
First, I got all balled up at the corners because I was fitting half moon pieces into straight pieces. Not my usual "so tidy on the inside" at all. When I turned the bag right-side-out however, it looked fine so I guess I can live with it.
handlebar bag
Next, I saw that the straps or loops were too small to put buttons on so I went for some left-over snaps I had. I think I may go for snaps in the finished product also. Then I stuffed the bag FULL of every hand towel I own (it is very capacious) and went to the garage.
handlebar bag
As I planned, I slid one fixed loop over one end of the handlebars and then slid it to the middle to get the other loop over the end of the bar. That went well.
handlebar bag
Then I centered it and snapped the middle loops shut and there it was - the biggest handlebar bag I've ever seen. I think it will connect with my knees as I pedal but I won't know for sure until we go for a ride or at least until Peter holds the bike for me while I sit on it. It sure didn't seem very big with the dimensions I wrote down, nor while I was making it. So I am glad I made this template and will go back to the drawing board after a test drive.


Carmen said...

Julia, what are you going to put in that bag...soft stuff,which will be knee friendly or hard objects...which, well, will be felt...

JuliaR said...

Hi Carmen! I planned to put all our valuables like wallets and such, plus the camera in there. Since it was so BIG, I thought it could also hold rain gear and things. But I am going to scale it back. No matter what is in there, I won't want it bumping my knees for 100 kms. How much I reduce the size of it will be determined after we go for a ride tomorrow. Maybe we'll even (finally) make it to the farmer's market at Lansdowne, after your wonderful review!

StarBags said...

It's very nice what you do.

JuliaR said...

Thanks Starbags, it's just for my own use.