Friday, April 27, 2007

Sleeveless Summer Dress

My new project is a summer dress. Inspired by A Dress A Day, I got some new dress patterns recently and have been wanting the try them out. Now that Summer is sort of near (today is rainy and NOT warm at only 10C or 50F), it seemed like a good time and I also have my new dummy (who I haven't named yet) so I can fit the patterns better.
summer dress
I wanted to try this New Look pattern 6587 in the sleeveless View D. It looked cute and would be nice and cool when it finally gets hot enough. Plus, View D showed a print fabric which reminded me of Dress A Day so I figured it would be a good match. Not wanting to waste however, I went through my stash and chose a fairly ... ugly, shall we say, cotton print for the "muslin" that I never make.

I thought I had already blogged about this print but I went back several entries and didn't see anything so pardon me if you've heard it before. Anyway, the fabric is a nice 100% cotton sateen ("sateen" now reminds me of Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge) but the print on it is weird, man. It sort of looks like tropical foliage but it's oddly abstract. And then there are the unexplainable blue blobs that remind me of the Horta on that episode of Star Trek. So why did I buy it? Yep, it was on sale! I really have to stop doing that.

The pattern calls for optional pockets but they way they are set up, I fear they would make the dress look like an old fashioned pinafore so I have decided against them.
summer dress
Now that I have the dummy, I actually pinned the paper pattern to the dummy to see how it might look. I thought that the armholes and the front neckline would be too low (showing bra under the arms and too much cleavage in the front) so I decided to take up the bodice pieces one half inch on the front and the back. I had considered waiting until I had the fabric cut out and then taking the bodice up at the shoulder seam but then everything else would be hauled upwards and so out of proper alignment. This is why I got the dummy in the first place so I got brave with the pattern adjustments. I haven't seen how it worked out, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I made the right decision. I'll know soon...

There are also two vertical darts on the back of the bodice and I am leaving them unsewn until I can fit the bodice onto the dummy.
summer dress
Here is the bodice sewn together except for the shoulder seams. I am about to flat fell the vertical seams and it's easier to do when I can lay the piece out flat.


suzee said...

With a pair of blue flip flops, you will look totally hip! That fabric is just retro enough to be ironic. I love it! :-)

That's a great pattern. Can't wait to see the not-muslin version, too!

JuliaR said...

Suzee, I have blue flip flops AND green ones too! My husband looked at the dress and said, "that's weird fabric". I suggested that the blue blobs loked like Horta and he didn't think so. Oh well. Maybe when it's on, he won't be too embarrassed to be seen with me. :)

Beth said...

Cool pattern and fabric. I forgot about the Horta--had to look.

I'm also inspired by Dress A Day to make some dresses for summer and watching some retro dress patterns on e-bay that I'll maybe bid on, maybe not, depending on how high they go. I do not, however, have any so-ugly-it's-really-cool fabric, though I do generally have somewhat dubious taste.

JuliaR said...

Beth, I hear you about the dubious taste. Time will tell on this one.